Merchants can view the order and shipment status to better control the progress of each order. This article introduces the order and shipment status, as well as the reason for failed shipment and how to re-ship.

A. Statuses In Order Management

Each shipment includes the two statuses as below (“Order Status” and “OneShip Shipment Status”).

Order Status overview:
Status types Status Description
Order Status
Generated The order had created on the store.
Completed Order had completed.
Cancelled Order had been canceled.
Closed Order had been closed by the merchant or failed to complete the transaction.
Payment Status
Unpaid Order hasn’t been paid.
Paid Order had been paid.
Refunded Order payment had been refunded.
Delivery Status Pending to ship Parcel has not yet to ship.
Shipped Parcel had been ship out (collected by the carrier).
Received Parcel has been signed and received.
Returned Parcel had been returned.
OneShip Shipment Status overview:
Status Description
Pending Order hasn’t been executed the shipment.
Processing Order shipment had been executed and under system processing.
Failed to ship Order shipment execution failed (eg. input wrong info and got rejected by 3PLs).
Pending to print Shipment execution succeeds, but hasn’t printed the shipping label.
Printed Shipping label had been printed.
Shipped Parcel had been collected by the carrier. If the carrier does not have “Collected” status, OneShip will use the next status as the trigger to update to this status.
Completed Parcel had been signed and received.
Returned Parcel had been rejected by the recipient/cannot deliver and returned.

B. Statuses in Shipment Management

Each shipment includes the two status as below (“Status” and “Label Status”).

Status overview:
Status Description
pending pick up The parcel hasn’t been picked up by the losgitics.
Picked up Driver from the logistics channel has picked up the parcel
Cancelled Auto-updated by system after you cancel the shipment.
Created Order that hasn’t been shipped.
Shipped Auto-updated by system after you execute the shipment.
Completed Parcel has been delivered and received.
Error Something went wrong with the shipment so that it can not be shipped successfully. Merchant needs to enter the shipments page to eliminate the error and re-execute shipment.
Returned Parcel has been returned.
Returning Parcel is on the way returning to its departure.
Shipping Driver is shipping the parcel.
Ready to deliver Parcel has been shipped to recipient’s city and is ready to deliver.
Delivering Driver is delivering a parcel to the customer.
Rejected Parcel has been rejected by the recipient.
Label Status overview:
Ungenerated Label hasn’t been generated yet.
Processing Label is under generating (take up to 3 minutes). If success, the status will be “Unprinted”. If failed, the status will be “Ungenerated”.
Unprinted Label has been generated but not printed yet.
Printed Label has been printed.

C. Failed / Error

More about the error / cancelled shipments or re-ship, please refer to: FAQ about shipment changes

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