OneShip users are now available to use on-demand and same-day service carried by Lalamove in various countries/regions.

This article covers the below:

Service Introduction

Service Coverage

Parcel dimension restrictions, delivery area coverage and available vehicles vary from region to region, you can click the following link to check details of each region: MYHKIDSGTWTHVN

Delivery Notes

You shall provide all necessary information of each shipment before handing the parcel to Lalamove.

  • In the event that the recipient is found to be absent from the address specified by the User, no other person is present to take the shipment, and no other instructions have been provided, Lalamove will contact you and attempt to return the package back.
  • In the event that Lalamove cannot reach out with you, Lalamove may attempt to redeliver the package to the recipient.

🕹Please Note:

The unclaimed items which the recipient or User cannot be contacted will be delivered to Lalamove’s local office. If the items remain unclaimed 14 days after receipt of the items, Lalamove can proceed with the unclaimed items at its discretion.

Lalamove will not help for loading, unloading, moving, hauling or lifting your shipment unless you request for the Door-to-Door Service. Additional fee will be applied for Door-to-Door service, related cost is based on Lalamove’s sole discretion. Please find the Door-to-Door Service Terms here.

Basic Liability

Lalamove is only liable for any direct losses caused by the Lalamove‘s intentional or gross negligence, and the total liability of the Lalamove shall not exceed the order value with evidence provided or USD100, whichever is lower.

There are different regulations for claims in different regions. Please check more details in Terms & Conditions on Lalamove’s website.

Shipment Process

IF you wanna use your own account to create Lalamove shipments, please make sure your Lalamove account have integrated to OneShip. If not, please refer to the FAQ:How to integrate your Lalamove account?

Step 1: Navigate to【Real-time Logistics】->【Order Management】click “+Create Order” 

Step 2: Fill in sender and recipient information and click “Next”

Step 3: Click to book the delivery service and select service details, then click “Save”

🕹Please Note:

Additional Service varies from region to region, more details please refer to Lalamove’s website or OneShip FAQ in different regions.

Step 4: OneShip will estimate shipping fee for you before shipping, click “Confirm shipment” to execute it.

Prohibited Items

In any circumstances, you shall not dispatch (and Lalamove is entitled to refuse transport of) any articles that are prohibited by law, dangerous or hazardous materials, perishable substances, and radioactive material.

You will not transport alcohol or tobacco products as part of its shipment if prohibited by local law or regulation. You shall be permitted to deliver alcohol and/or tobacco products if local laws or regulations permit the transportation of alcohol and/or tobacco products.

More details please refer to Lalamove prohibited or restricted item list

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