Merchants in Vietnam are now able to execute shipment with J&T logistic service without application or activation process. J&T is currently only available for domestic deliveries within Vietnam. This means that both your pickup address and your customer’s delivery address must be in Vietnam.

This article covers the below:

Service introduction

Parcel dimension restrictions Delivery time Storage fee COD fee Declaration fee
Max weight 70kg

L+W+H ≦ 180cm, maximum one-way dimension is 140cm

Parcel will be delivered to customers in 1-7 days, starts from the day after J&T driver picks up parcels, delivery date will be adjusted if fall on non-working dates.

If parcel is failed delivery, it will be returned to sender up to 15 days, start from the date of status “Return”.

≤ 3kg and > 7 days : 1,700 VND/ parcel/ day

> 3kg and > 5 days : 3,400 VND/ parcel/ day

0.5% COD amount Under 3.000.000 VND – Free

Equal or over 3.000.000 VND – 1%

  • COD verify: Monday and Thursday in week
  • Money transfer: Tuesday and Friday in week
  • Maximum COD amount 30.000.000 VND
  • Maximum insurance amount 30.000.000 VND
  • Packaging guidelines please refer to J&T Official Document
  • Provisions on indemnification please refer to J&T Official Document

Note: Recipient may reject the parcel if there is any signal of damage. In case, the recipient decides to receive the parcel with a signal of damage. The delivery note signed by the sender & recipient is required for initiated complaints in the future (if any).

Shipment process

Step 1: Create shipments

Click on the “+ Create Shipment” button on the top right of the [Shipment] page, choose to create “Point to Point order” or “Bulk Shipment”.

for step by step instruction please refer to:

A. How do I book for a shipment? Can I create shipments in bulk?

B. How to create shipments in bulk?

Please note:

  • Pickup cut off time: 16:00. For orders created before 16:00, J&T will pick up the parcel before 18:00 on the same day. For orders created after J&T or on holidays, J&T shall be deemed parcel of the next business day.
  • Working date time: 8:00 – 18:00 from Monday to Sunday (except holidays and Tet holidays in accordance with the regulations of the State of Vietnam).
  • The delivery fee will be charged based on parcel weight after J&T measures the actual weight in their distribution center. Converted weight according to the formula:
    • Conversed weight (kg) = Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Hight(cm) / 5000
  • Min weight: 1kg. If the parcel weight is less than 1kg, the parcel weight will be charged as 1kg.In case the Charging volume is odd in kilogram, that odd kilogram (hereinafter temporarily referred to as “X”) shall be rounded up as follows:
    • X” kg <0.5: shall be rounded to 0.5 kg,”X” kg> 0.5 kg: shall be rounded to 1 kg.
Step 2: Print out waybill and label parcel

Select shipment by click on the “square-box” on the left side of OneShip Order No., choose to “Print Label” or “Print Labels in Bulk”.


for step by step instruction please refer to:

A. How to print a single label?

B. How to Create Multiple Labels at Once / Bulk Print Label?

Note: To ensure successful label scanning, please use “label machine and 100x150mm(4x6Inch) thermal label paper” or “A4 blank waybill” to print. If the label cannot be recognized when entering the warehouse, the product will be returned.

Step 3: J&T carrier pickup

Carrier will reach you via phone and pickup at sender’s address, or the parcel can be drop-off at J&T’s Hub.

Prohibited Items

Please refer to J&T Official Document for the list of prohibited items.

Other shipment and returning notes

Cycle payment for delivered parcel

There are 2 cycle payments will be sent out to the merchant:

1. Completed orders from Wednesday to Thursday of W-1

Billing: Monday of W0

Payment: Tuesday of W0

2. Completed orders from Friday (W-1) to Tuesday (W0)

Billing: Thursday of W0.

Payment: Friday of W0.

Notes: Remarks:

Billing will be sent via email.

Payment will be sent to a registered bank account.

J&T Customer Service Contact Info:

Customer service phone number (Hotline): 19001088

Customer service email:

Note: After 3 failed delivery attempts, a parcel will be returned back to the sender. A delivery fee will be charged to the sender as 50% delivery fee.

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