This article shows you how to integrate a Lalamove account with OneShip. Once the integration is complete, you can place your orders in OneShip using the Lalamove on-demand service.

Step 1: Sign up your Lalamove own account at Lalamove website.
If you already have your own Lalamove account, you may skip this step.

Step 2: Fill up the Lalamove x Shopline API Key Registration Form to get your unique API Key & API Secret key. Once submitted, with an expected turnaround time of up to 3 business days to proceed and generate your keys.

We strongly advise that you only submit registration details in accordance with the target market/region you would like to operate in, in order to prevent any confusion or lack of support.

Step 3: Request your unique API Key and API Secret key with our OneShip Live Chat Support Team.

Step 4: Fill up all the details under 【OneShip】->【Settings】->【Shipping Account Setting】.

Create an account, select Lalamove-Own account for SAAS service, then you can fill in the API key and API secret key which was obtained from OneShip Live Chat Support Team.

Step 5: OneShip has been successfully integrated with your Lalamove account.
Step 6: Return URL
Copy the Return URL from OneShip.

Please log in to the Lalamove Partner Portal with your Lalamove account and password. Proceed to 【Developers】->【Webhooks】and paste the Return URL into the Webhook URL fill.

Step 7: It’s all good now! You may start your Lalamove on-demand services through OneShip.

Please top up your Lalamove ewallet before executing shipment from OneShip.

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