Merchants in Hong Kong are able to execute shipment with HAVI Cold Chain Delivery (HAVI). HAVI provides different storage temperatures to fit customer needs and is currently providing a one-stop logistics solution according to customers’ requirements, including pick-up, storage and last mile delivery within Hong Kong.

This article covers the below:

HAVI introduction

  • Temperature-controlled warehouse center is located at the Asia Logistics Hub – SF Centre with roughly 150,000 ft2.
  • Monitoring and Control System / certification
    • Temperature: Automatic temperature monitoring and Computing Center Management System (CCMS)
    • Stock: Warehouse Management System (WMS)
      • Automatically record operation data, provides precise data analysis and reports
      • Clients can track real-time information and inventory level with system integration
    • Security: 24-hour CCTV surveillance system
    • Certification:
      • Cold Store License
      • International Accreditation: PAS 1018:2017
  • Frozen delivery
    • Temperature sensors and GPS are equipped on refrigerated trucks which help to track the trucks’ temperature and locations.
    • Insulation tools are stringently tested to ensure shipment can be stored in the appropriate temperature during delivery
  • Honor: 2020 China Cold Chain Logistics Company of The Year

Service introduction

  • Three delivery conditions are available: frozen, chilled and air-conditioned product in HAVI Cold Chain Delivery
    • Frozen (-18 – -15°C)
    • Chilled (0 – 4°C)
    • Air-conditioned(17 – 22°C)
  • 1st mile method:
    • Pick-up at doors
    • Self drop-off to HAVI warehouse
  • Parcel Classification:
    • Refrigerated Delivery Service is applicable to the food category delivery
    • For below parcels, sign of Disclaimer for Loss and Damage of Goods are required:Cake with cream and/or decorations; Ice-pop, sorbet, ice-cream and the related products; Egg; Live seafood; Chilled poon chai (Excluding frozen poon chai); Frozen dough & sea urchin
    • The below parcels are not applicable for the Refrigerated Delivery Service: Food with strong smell (Excluding parcels with vacuum packaging and no smell afterward); Drug; Vaccine; Reagent; Chemicals; Dry ice and non-food items (such as clothes and paper card etc.)

Shipment process

Step 1: Create shipments

Click on the “+ Create Shipment” button on the top right of the [Shipment] page, choose to create “Point to Point order” or “Bulk Shipment”.

for step by step instruction please refer to:

A. How do I book for a shipment? Can I create shipments in bulk?

B. How to create shipments in bulk?

Step 2: Print out waybill and label parcel

Select shipment by click on the “square-box” on the left side of OneShip Order No., choose to “Print Label” or “Print Labels in Bulk”.


for step by step instruction please refer to:

A. How to print a single label?

B. How to Create Multiple Labels at Once / Bulk Print Label?

Note: To ensure successful label scanning, please use “label machine and 100x150mm(4x6Inch) thermal label paper” or “A4 blank waybill” to print. If the label cannot be recognized when entering the warehouse, the product will be returned.

Step 3: Arrange pick-up or drop-off service

A. HAVI’s driver Pick-up 

Please contact HAVI customer service through (852) 2731 2300 before the cut-off time, for better cold chain pickup arrangement.

  • You can indicate that it is an OneShip customer’s order when placing an order, for a more effective identification.
  • HAVI customer service will also check the pick-up address with you.
  • Pick-up service is only available for registered industrial/commercial addresses.
  • It is not applicable for unregistered and non-industrial/ commercial addresses.
  • At least 5 shipments in each pickup point are required (they can be belong to different temperature deliveries but the total shipment has to be at least 5)
  • Reference Pick-up time slot:16:00 – 19:00 (HAVI will coordinate with the shipper for the actual pick-up time.)

B. Drop-off to HAVI warehouse 

Please contact HAVI Cold chain customer service through (852) 2731 2300 in business hours to book the drop-off time slot.

  • Business hours: Mon. – Sun. 11:00-16:00
  • Warehouse address: 4/F, Asia Logistics Hub SF Centre, 36 Tsing Yi Hong Wan Road, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong
  • There will be an entrance fee for self drop-off at HKD 50 per car

Monthly settlement

OneShip charges merchants by monthly settlement  according to their usage in the month, the final shipping fee is subject to HAVI.

Please refer to the table below for price details:

Parcel Size 0-80am 81-100cm 101-120cm
Amount per parcel $55 $70 $90
  • All in HKD
  • Maximum weight: 20kg
  • Parcel size: Weight + Height + Length



  • The consignments must be properly packed with a carton or a thermal bag, and along with sufficient stuffings for protection.
  • Each shipment can be consigned to an independent box or an insulation bag, and be arranged into a temperature zone.
  • The consignment must be a complete package of a box or bag, and it is not acceptable for  bundling the product as one piece in any form.
  • Senders have to pre-cool the consignments before using the cold chain delivery service.
  • The sender must evaluate the suitability of the inner packaging (such as thin plastic boxes for food) for low-temperature storage, and bear the relevant consignment risks.
  • HAVI reserves the right to refuse consignment of food and non-food items that are not well packaged, have not been pre-cooled, and are sensitive to temperature.
  • Some of the consignment can only be arranged into the cold chain delivery service after signing a disclaimer before in advance.

Delivery coverage

  • Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, and some of the outlying islands, including Tung Chung, Discovery Bay, and Ma Wan.
  • Inapplicable for cold chain delivery: Some of the warehouses and locations (e.g. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, airport, container terminal, logistics company/center, warehouse, hotel, receiving department)
  • Delivery service coverage see here.
  • Cold chain home delivery is a delivery service sent on the next day. Delivery is available on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, but delivery time cannot be specified.
  • If HAVI fails to deliver within 7 days after the pickup, the concerned parcel will be sent back to the sender.

Note: Each parcel can be delivered twice, if the return is the second delivery, the return fee will be exempt; if the return is the third delivery, an extra charge equal to the amount of the corresponding order will be charged.