What is Standard Shipping?

As a business owner, you may be curious what is standard shipping?Standard shipping is a term used to describe the most common and affordable shipping option available for entrepreneurs.

This basic level of shipping service offers the delivery of goods within a specified time period

How long does standard shipping take?

The delivery time for standard shipping can greatly vary depending on the carrier and the destination.

So how long is standard shipping?The answer varies, but generally, it takes between 3 to 7 business days.Shipping times are directly affected by various factors such as the carrier, the distance the package is travelling, and potential delays or issues encountered during transit.

How Does Standard Shipping Work?

Standard shipping works by using a wide array of carriers, including private carriers and postal services.

Upon shipment, carriers give a tracking number which includes key information like the estimated delivery date and time, as well as any updates on the package status.

What Are the Benefits of Standard Shipping?

One of the primary advantages of standard shipping is its affordability.It is almost always the least expensive shipping option available which makes it an attractive choice for both entrepreneurs.

Another benefit of standard shipping is its topnotch reliability.While it may not be the best shipping option available for those prioritizing speed, it’s still very dependable when it comes to delivering packages on time.

The tracking information provided by carriers also adds an extra layer of assurance to consumers that their package will arrive as expected.

When Should You Use Standard Shipping?

Standard shipping works great for businesses whose aim is to cut down on shipping costs, but still offer impressive delivery times.

It is especially useful for companies that sell low-cost items since the cost of shipping can easily eat into profit margins.

Standard shipping is also an awesome choice for businesses that do not need to get packages delivered instantly.For instance, businesses that sell non-perishable items can take advantage of standard shipping since it’s not time sensitive.

What should you keep in mind about standard shipping?

While standard shipping can be a slow shipping option, it’s not always the case.There are several considerations while using this shipping method.

This includes the carrier, the distance the package is travelling, and lastly, any possible delays or issues that may arise during transit.

That said, there are now companies that offer faster standard shipping options, while others may offer slower expedited or express shipping options.This is why businesses should take time to check the estimated delivery time for each shipping option.

In summary, standard shipping is usually the most affordable shipping service for brands.While it may take longer to arrive compared to other shipping options, or there may be restrictions when it comes to weight or size, it’s still worth considering.

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Join OneShip today and start enjoying seamless and cost-effective shipping solutions!