Shipping and package delivery have numerous unfamiliar terms.”Delivery exception”is one.If you’ve gotten a delivery exception notification, you may be confused about

A delivery exception occurs what does shipment exception mean?An erroneous or incomplete address, weather, or the recipient being unavailable at the time of delivery can cause this.

Knowing delivery exceptions and how to address them will help you deliver products on schedule.If you receive a delivery exception notification, contact the carrier and provide any relevant information to remedy the issue.

This post will explain delivery exceptions, their types, and how to fix them.

What is Shipment Exception?

A shipment exception hinders a package’s delivery.If a shipment exception occurs, the package may be delayed or disturbed. Weather, address, customs, and package damage are common shipment exceptions.A shipment exception highlights a problem that needs to be addressed to ensure delivery.

Types of Delivery Exceptions

  • Address exception

Address exceptions indicate a shipping address issue.Missing apartment numbers or zip codes may cause this. So, without correct information, the shipment cannot be delivered.Address exceptions might delay delivery and require the recipient or shipper to fix the issue to secure package delivery.

  • Weather-related exception

Weather-related exceptions occur when weather makes shipment delivery risky. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding can affect supply routes and transportation systems.The package may be delayed until weather conditions improve and delivery activities are safe.The shipper and carrier cannot control weather-related delays.

  • Recipient unavailable exception

A receiver unavailability exception happens when the recipient cannot be reached to accept cargo.If the recipient is away during the delivery window, this may happen.Delivery could be delayed or held at a distribution center until the issue is resolved.

  • Security exception

When shipments contain dangerous goods or weapons, security exceptions may apply.The carrier may hold or return the shipment until suitable clearance or authorization are obtained.

What to Do When You Receive a Delivery Exception

To assure delivery, act quickly after receiving a delivery exception notification.

  • Contact the Carrier

After receiving a delivery exception notification, call the carrier immediately.They can explain the shipment exception and help you fix it.

  • Provide Additional Information

If the shipment exception is address-related, give the carrier the proper address as soon as possible.If the receiver is unavailable, arrange a convenient delivery time or pickup at a delivery centre.Quick action and carrier collaboration can deliver your shipment and avert delays.

  • Be Patient

Shipping exceptions may delay delivery.To ensure your delivery arrives quickly, remain patient and work with the carrier.


In conclusion, a delivery exception is a problem that prohibits a package from being delivered.Delivery exceptions include address issues, weather delays, recipient unavailability, and security concerns.

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